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My Learning Nurse – Nurse Competency Management System (NCMS) – provides an independent, confidential and secure service for nurses to assess and manage their continuing competence and continuing education activities. Also, this site can do much more than just track and record your nursing professional development activities!

My Learning Nurse (MyLN) has thousands of nursing competencies – core and in specialty nursing areas. Using our system’s Learning Plan features, nurses and organizations can identify the competencies that need developing / enhancing, and link these to appropriate educational resources. Many of these educational resources include quizzes and eCourses from our Learning Nurse website.

By creating a free account, an individual nurse has full access to the competencies and educational resources available on the My Learning Nurse site. A comprehensive tracking and recording system documents the professional development achievements and outcomes. Certificates, badges and detailed reports are available to provide to employers and regulatory bodies as required.

The MyLN NCMS is also available to organizations as a viable and affordable option to implement and manage continuing competence programs for their nursing staff. By creating a corporate account, organizations can register, manage and report on the professional development activities of their nurses. This service is especially useful to smaller CMS-funded long-term care facilities that are being mandated to implement continuing competence programs (see the Announcements section).

Obviously, this site is still under construction. Inquiries and questions should be directed to Russell Sawchuk using the contact forms in one of the Links below.

    Site announcements

    CMS Training Requirements for LTC Facilities

    by Russell Sawchuk -

    The US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service (CMS) have issued the final rule that updates the requirements that Long-Term Care facilities must meet to participate in their programs.

    We have prepared a document to identify the specific changes that will have an impact on staff training. Specifically, we are interested in what in-service and continuing education will be required to maintain and enhance nurses’ competence to provide quality health care to CMS-funded residents.

    The document is attached.

    Competency Profile for LTC Nurses

    by Russell Sawchuk -

    We have prepared a suggested profile of the nursing competencies that will be needed to meet the new continuing competence requirements being mandated for those working in long-term care (LTC) facilities with residents funded by the USA Medicare and Medicaid programs.

    We welcome all comments and suggestions regarding the competencies listed in this draft profile.

    The Competency Profile is attached.